Thursday, July 15, 2010

a FarMErs WiFe PerSpeCtiVe

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By joeyrich4

A Farmer Wifes Perspective

A fArmEr WiFes PersPecTive
I have been a Farmers Wife for 12 years now and it is the most unbelievable honor out there!!! As a little girl I grew up with a pet bunny.......WELL.....that has changed considerably!!! My husband raises Limo cross Beef Cattle BUT when he married ME I had other ideas for us!!! I have said from the start of our marriage that a Farm is NOT a FARm without farm animals...SSSSSSS!! We started off with a Beagle Puppy named Moses, then we added a couple of kittens, then I discovered Pygmy Goats. They were adorable,,,small, cute and fun little devils!! Anyone who is thinking about buying a goat just remember it does not matter how well built your fence is they will outsmart you. Their goat motto is "Where there is a Will there IS a Way!!" However I wouldn't have it any other way. Every Spring there is new little baby born here or we get an extra special surprise like we did this year....TWINS. This year we had Dottie and Dash born from mom Tinker Bell and dad Mikey. Well, I don't want to give everything away on my first day blogging so until next time, Blessings to you and yours!!! Meredith

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