Friday, July 16, 2010

Pot Belly Moments

It was an interesting day at the Farm to say
the least!!! This weeks weather has been incredibly warm and my animal
friends thought so too!!! I was walking outside and about to enter our
home when I discovered quite a site in my kids pool. There was my pot
belly pig Chloe laying in the water. Most people might "freak" but I ran
into the house as quick as I could to retrieve my camera. Chloe started to
get up and I thought I was about to miss my chance but to my surprise and utter
delight she looked at me and rolled over in the water again as if to say "NOW
this IS the LIFe""""I love it!!! It is NEVER dull April Fools
day a friend of ours put a sign at the end of our driveway saying "Funny
Farm!" It sure was today, Blessings friends

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